Jeremy Clarkson’s lighthouse: A walk at Langness in the Isle of Man

The Beautiful Coast at Langness, Isle of Man


The historic white lighthouse sits peacefully in Langness, Isle of Man – an area popular with ramblers due to its outstanding beauty. However the controversy that has surrounded this historic building has been a bit more tumultuous. Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson owns the building and was at the centre of an ongoing dispute with local ramblers over an area near the property which he closed off.

He disagreed with their arguments that the area was a public right of way. A long public inquiry followed, which eventually resulted last year in Clarkson being ordered to re-open the area to the public. I can understand why this location is so popular. Although the Langness Lighthouse looks tranquil, its surroundings are much more uninhibited. The land has a wild, rugged appeal which forms a narrow peninsula, enclosed by the sea.

It was a really windy day when I visited here last summer, but this just made landscape more interesting – especially the sounds and visual effects of waves crashing against the rocks.

Have you visited the Isle of Man or would you like to?