The Fairy Bridge in the Isle of Man: Do you believe in fairies?

Do you believe in fairies? Even if you don’t, it is probably best saying “Hello fairies” anyway if you find yourself crossing the Fairy Bridge in the Isle of Man – a small island off the north-west coast of England.

This superstitious tradition is said to be good luck. According to the island’s folklore, not offering a greeting brings bad fortune.

When we drove over the bridge, I made sure I said hello…you know, just in case. Some people don’t stop at saying hello to the ‘little people’. They also leave messages and gifts.

The Isle of Man is an island filled with myths and legends. It also has its own independent government, the Tynwald, which is the most ancient unbroken government in the world. Every year a ceremony takes place on Tynwald Day – a tradition dating back to the days of the Vikings.

I travel to the Isle of Man from Liverpool on the HSC Manannan, run by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. The boat is a catamaran which was specially made in Tasmania, Australia.

They only run part way through the year as tackling the often treacherous Irish Sea would not be fun during the windy winter months.

In the olden days however the ships used to sail no matter the weather.