‘Slagroom’ in Bruges: Enjoying Belgian waffles with ice cream and whipped cream!

Not eating waffles in Belgium is almost as bad as not eating chocolate in Belgium. So on a trip to Bruges, waffle eating was near the top of the priority list – after the chocolate eating of course.
It turned out that the waffle swung it as my favourite treat of the whole weekend.

We had ventured out of the main tourist centre and decided to have a snack at one of the many little cafes dotted down the cobbled streets.

It was a tough choice: Should I have the waffle with whipped cream or ice cream. Ah, I’m on holiday, I thought, I’ll have both! It was interesting to hear that whipped cream in Flemish is slagroom.

The perfect waffle compensated for a disappointing trip to The Choco-Story Chocolate Museum.

It was great to learn about the history of chocolate. I just thought there would be more chocolate to taste. The only free chocolate was a little blob handed out during a chocolate-making demonstration.

It was like a big chocolate teasing session, with an expensive chocolate-filled gift shop at the end.

Worth a visit, but not if, like me, you would rather eat chocolate than learn about it!