A coach trip to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

There are many different ways to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. Some people take a helicopter ride and there is even a helicopter-boat tour available to get the best of the views from above and down below. When I was considering which route to take to the red rocks on a trip to Las Vegas, the budget option won hands down...

I and my friend decided to take the coach tour. Was this the best way to do it? Probably not.

There was more time spent in the coach than out on the Grand Canyon – around 12 hours to be exact, with a stop of for some beef jerky on the way.

But the few hours we did have there were amazing. It was a real buzz standing inches from the edge of the canyon, looking out to what seemed like another planet.

There are different parts of the Grand Canyon to visit.  I think we were at the South Rim.
But the West Rim is often most popular because it has the added Skywalk attraction, where visitors can walk out on a transparent floor to enjoy panoramic views.