An evening at the Sydney Opera House

The most sophisticated activity I took part in while backpacking in Australia was an evening of opera at the Sydney Opera House. The opera was Romeo and Juliet. It was refreshing having the opportunity to get dressed up a bit and enjoy some luxury for a night.
Being inside the famous opera house was amazing. Up until then we had only ever visited the opera house’s posh toilets following a walk through Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens.
This time we were sipping flutes of chardonnay and posing in the foyer.
Well actually I was feeling rather awkward in the foyer. I don’t walk well in heels at the best of times and had been used to walking round in flip flops (thongs in Australian language).
As we sat in our seats messing about with the binoculars, a woman behind us leaned forward and asked: “What are scousers doing in the Sydney Opera House?”
It turned out she had spent some time living in Liverpool. Small world, I thought. Even on the other side of the globe the world seems so tiny.