The rows of glossy multicolour stared at me, teasing with their bold titles of countries, cities and continents I’d yet to visit. I was in the travel section of a book shop; somewhere I’d previously frequented in search of inspiration for the next trip. This time was different.… View Post

“He’s missed the runway”, a lady in front of us exclaimed as the engine of the descending plane suddenly went into turbo and began climbing again. As a rather nervous flyer, I began feeling a bit panicky. Worried thoughts ran through my head. What’s going on? Is that… View Post

When faced with an unshakable urge to travel somewhere recently, we decided to hire a car and head to the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales for a relaxing weekend of food, culture and breathtaking scenery. Our Welsh break in Anglesey was filled with castles, coastal views and… View Post